Festival Music (2020)

First Prize in the Finnish national composition contest held by the Pirkanmaan Pinna association.

Premiere 15.11.2020, Helsinki 


Total duration: 6:05 min. 

Grade 4 Concert Band.

Publisher: Finnish Wind Band Association (SPOL)

Concert Overture for Symphonic Band (2018)

Third Prize in an overture composition contest held by the Finnish Defence Forces.

Premiere 18.1.2018, Helsinki. 


Total duration: 6:30 min. 

Grade 5 Concert Band.

Adagio (2019)

Commissioned work for the Presidential Independence Day reception in Finland.

Premiere 6.12.2019, Helsinki. 

Total duration: 5:30 min. 

Grade 5 Concert Band.

Publisher: Leading Tones Music, USA

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MIDI realization

The Guards Band Finland, stream concert

Broadcast from the Presidential Independence Day reception. (backround music)

Military Tapto (2019)

Traditional tapto of the Finnish Defence Forces.

Arrangement for three signal trumpets and a military band. Premiere 15.6.2019.


Total duration: 2:15 min. 

Grade 5 Concert Band.

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The Guards Band Finland, concert 2019